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Purchase BCA Illustrated 2015 Now!

Hendry Group advises that the Australian Building Codes Board is now providing the Building Code of Australia 2016 Volume 1 and 2, within their National Construction Code complete package, online free of charge.  Therefore, it is unsustainable for Hendry Group to maintain the BCA Illustrated website / product.

We will be providing BCA Illustrated online until the end of May 2016.

Any subscriptions that expire after May 2016 will be prorata reimbursed, to the postal address on our account records.

BCA Illustrated is an electronic version of the Building Code of Australia / National Construction Code, enhanced with over 3000 explanations and illustrations designed to assist with interpreting the BCA as it applies to your building. BCA Illustrated is a HENDRY product licensed by the Australian Building Codes Board, that contains BCA 2015 (now known as the National Construction Code Series) Volumes 1 and 2. BCA Illustrated is an annual subscription-based service that automatically updates to the most current version of the code each year, and is updated frequently with new illustrations and explanations. Frequently Asked Questions.
BCA Illustrated is available in two electronic formats (no printed material or books are included), a Desktop Edition that is installed on your hard drive, or an Online Edition accessed via the Internet.
Both the Desktop Edition and the Online Edition include the entire BCA 2015 - enhanced with illustrations, explanations and advanced features such as content exporting and formatted printing, as well as access to previous editions of the BCA. For an example of a clause explanation and illustration, click here.
Choose your product for more information:

BCA Illustrated
Desktop Edition

BCA Illustrated
Online Edition

A downloadable application installed on your hard drive, comprising the whole of the BCA with over 3000 explanations and illustrations. Once installed it can be operated without an internet connection.

You simply purchase your software annual subscription, receive an installation key code and download the software to your computer. (No waiting for CDs in the mail).
An online application accessed via the internet, comprising the whole of the BCA with over 3000 explanations and illustrations, to be operated when an internet connection is available.

You simply purchase your annual subscription, enter your access account details and operate whenever you have internet access.



Both formats receive updates when they are released, ensuring that you have the most up to date version of the Building Code of Australia. To ensure you keep up to date from year to year, simply renew your annual subscription. Both formats include all of the clauses of the Building Code of Australia, with HENDRY detailed explanations and illustrations to provide a better visual and written understanding of each clause as it may apply in your building or building element. Many clauses may have multiple illustrations/ explanations to explain the application of the clause in different circumstances.

Click Here to find out more about each product and evaluate the best product for your needs.

* Please note: Purchase of BCA Illustrated does NOT include purchase of BCA hard copy books.

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